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Accounts and registration

The Company's licensee Fifteening provides all the Company's financial and administrative services, and an office in Las Vegas and Geneva. Annual Meetings are held in Las Vegas in May. Eurasian Holdings Inc. is incorporated in Wyoming under number 000638823. The registration can be viewed at wyobiz.wy.gov.

2019 Report

- The 2019 Annual Meeting was held on May 31st, 2019.

- The 2019 Annual Report will be published during January 2020.

2018 Report

- The 2018 Annual Meeting was held on May 31st, 2018.

In 2018, Eurasian continued to build the business of its licensees. We are developing some new licensing ideas to be introduced in late 2019.

- The Fifteening website has had some major updates.

- Some shareholders requested a name-change for the company from "Eurasian" to better reflect its current activities. It was decided that for the time being a name-change would not add anything to the company and could possibly confuse shareholders. It may be decided later.

- Fifteening was promoted less in 2017 and early 2018 Eurasian due to time lost on some now-resolved legal disputes.

- Fifteening's contribution to Eurasian, including payment of all Eurasian's costs and overheads, was Eur 80'000 in 2018 (Eur 70,000 in 2017).

- The new “Kicktouring” project will be spun off into a new licensee company. We are still defining the business model. The slow local travel sector should have a strong future. We forecast first license payments to Eurasian in 2019.

- Eurasian’s debt is now down to Eur 250,000. Licensee revenues will be used to to reduce debt, to cover the costs and overheads of operating Eurasian, to support licensees, to accrue dividends, and to purchase discounted share-blocks from shareholders.

- Fifteening users: we estimate that there are now about 1,000,000 Fifteening users worldwide, divided between paying corporate users and non-paying private users (many of these will hopefully convince their employer to become a paying corporate user). We have also encouraged some charities to use Fifteening Social Tools for free because this is useful promotion for Fifteening.

- Share purchases: during the year, several blocks of heavily discounted Eurasian shares became available due to shareholder inheritances or disputes. These shares were then cancelled, thus reducing the number of Eurasian shares outstanding, which is favorable for remaining shareholders. Shareholders also traded numerous shares between themselves in private transactions. 

- Dividend: we have accrued a very small and symbolic shareholder dividend for 2018 which will be distributed to shareholders when we have the first cash available after reducing our debt position. 

Share quotation

Today we are in a totally different era from when the company was founded, as described on the company's history page. The obtention of a share listing and quotation (which was still a relatively simple process when the company was founded), was a primary building block of Eurasian's business model. However, to obtain a share listing now requires the backing of private equity investor funds or venture capital groups. It goes without saying that such new investors would demand a significant dilution of current shareholders, to the point where it would no longer be worth owning the shares. However we are constantly on the lookout for any new opportunity that could make the shares liquid in a speedier manner than via simple organic sales.


We continue to see 1.00 Eur as a suitable benchmark price for the shares. Most private share transactions that we are aware of took place at this price. This price is also based on our current projects, on current P/E Ratios for the healthcare sector, and on the current number of the company's outstanding public common shares. Obviously, by constantly reducing the number of public shares, as we have done each year, we are continuously reinforcing the potential share valuation. As in previous years, all Founder common shares remain in reserve unissued. 

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